Taylor's 1st Sumo Robot Competition

Sumo Robot Competition + Free Online Workshops Series on Sumo Robot Development!

Cash Prizes to be won: Up to RM 500!

Competition Date: August 2021 "To be confirmed"

Venue: Taylor's University


Sumo Robot Competition


Competition Registration

Competition Category:

1) Pre-University

  • Commitment  fee : RM 50

  • Robot control: Bluetooth-Remote Controlled​​​

2) University

  • Commitment  fee : RM 100

  • Robot control: Autonomous

To register :

1) Please click on the "Register Now" and fill in the information. 

2) For the commitment fee, the participants are required make the payment via online transfer as per the bank details below.

Bank Account Holder: "to be confirmed"

Bank Account No: "to be confirmed"

Note that : Commitment fee is to reserve participation of the team which would be refunded after the event . 


Sumo Robot Competition Rule & Regulations

1) There will be two open categories namely:

a) Pre-University :

  •  Secondary School

  •  Foundation

  • A-level

  • any matriculation

b) University :

  •  local public

  • private Universities

2) Each team can have  2-5 members

3) Robot requirement for both category (maximum):

  • Height: Unlimited

  • Width:  20 cm

  • Length: 20 cm

  • Weight:  1 kg

4) Pre-University Category

  • Bluetooth-Remote Controlled.

  • All remote controls must be digitally-mated pairs.    

  • Remote control robots start on a signal from the tournament official.             

  • No augmented autonomous controls are allowed on the robot. 

  • All robot motion must be directly due to the teleoperation of the operator.

5) University Category

  • Autonomous robot.

  • Any method of control may be used, as long as it is fully contained within the robot and receives no external signals or directions (human, machine, or otherwise).      

  • Autonomous robot operation must begin automatically no less than five seconds after being started by the user.

  • Robots starting before the five second mark forfeit that effective point (Yuhkoh).

6)  One Match will be fought for a total of 3 minutes (Time of Match) , starting and ending upon the judge's command. The clock shall start ticking five seconds after the start is announced​

7) Robotic Workshops will be held to assist all participants to prepare for the competition.​ In addition, the contest mechanics and the details of judging criteria will be explained in the Robotic Workshop. The Workshops are opened to all, not limited to registered participant.

8) The robot must have the robot name for registration purposes. Display the robot name on your robot to allow spectators and officials to identify your robot.

9) Jamming devices, such as IR LEDs intended to saturate the opponents IR sensors, are not allowed.

10) Parts that could break or damage the ring are not allowed. Do not use parts that are intended to damage the opponent's robot or it's operator. Normal pushes and bangs are not considered intent to damage. Devices that can store liquid, powder, gas or other substances for throwing at the opponent are not allowed. 

11) Any flaming devices are not allowed. Devices that throw things at opponent are strictly not allowed.

12) Sticky substances to improve traction are not allowed.

13) Tires and other components of the robot in contact with the ring must not be able to pick up and hold a standard 3"x5" index card for more than two seconds.

14) Devices to increase down force, such as a vacuum pump or magnets, are not allowed in all categories.

15) All edges, including but not limited to the front scoop, must not be sharp enough to scratch or damage the ring, other robots, or players. In general, edges with a radius of greater than .005", as would be obtained with a unsharpened .010" thick metal strip, should be ok. Judges or competition officials may require edges that they deem too sharp to be covered with a piece of tape.

16) In all matters, the decision of the judge or panel shall be final and correspondence or discussion will not be entertained. 


Organized by

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Innovation and Technology, Taylor's University.

1, Jalan Taylors, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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